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Parent Café Podcast

Township of Edison,

Alberta, Canada

How Covid is Changing Parent /  Teacher Roles 

 FB Live interview by

Erica Ehm from YMC

Homeschooling Teens: it's All About R.A.P. 

 Canadian Homeschooler Conference Presentation

What If I Have to Homeschool Again?! 


FB Live with Lara Wellman from Kids in the Capital

FB Live with

YMC's Erica Ehm 


"How To Survive The School Year!" 

We Are Worldschoolers 


Live interview with

Lainie Liberti from


The Low Down

Low Down article pic.jpg

CBC Ottawa 


interviewed for online article

"How Your Family Can Make the Most of this Time at Home" 

Fresh Legal Law Firm 


interviewed for

"Tips from an Expert" 

Kids in the Capital 


Presented Webinar "Unexpected Homeschooling: 

A How To Workshop and Q&A"

What She Said radio 


interviewed about "Unexpected Homeschooling" during a pandemic

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