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I am convinced that young people are far more capable of taking ownership of their lives than adults tend to think they are. When those who surround each child can support this ownership, these young people flourish in ways that were previously unimagined.

This conviction underlies all of my interactions with children and teens. It forms the basis for my professional support of  parents and kids when a child or teen is experiencing difficulty in their school or homeschool setting. 

I am also a writer, speaker, children's choir director and workshop facilitator. One of my favourite workshops to date was facilitating a panel of teen homeschoolers as they shared their thoughts and experiences with a room full of current and prospective homeschooling parents. It was amazing to see the energy flowing around the room as these adults realized the power and beauty of this group of teens who "own their lives". 

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I have always worked with children.


I began during my own teen years as a private and group music teacher, and went on to travel and teach English to children in Poland. I  earned a teaching degree on my return to Canada, and went on to teach in both public and private schools. With the birth of my first child, I began exploring alternative approaches to education, attending conferences in the field and doing extensive independent research. I was seeking to move beyond the limitations I felt were inherent to traditional school settings.

Several years later, during an outing in a local park, my then 2 year old son literally took me by the hand and pulled me over to a picnic of homeschooling families. This inspired move on his part began a new professional and personal chapter for me! I began to blend my research and learning about non-traditional education approaches with my young family’s needs, in order to create resources and support around both my own family and other families in my community.


One of my proudest accomplishments during this time was to found (and continue to conduct) the Chelsea Youth Choir. I also coordinated the Chelsea Homeschooling Co-op, chaired the Board of Compass Centre for Self-Directed Learning and worked 1:1 with children to support their academic and personal development while providing support and guidance to their parents.

Throughout, I have been recognized for my ability to build personal connections with my students and to facilitate their journey to taking ownership of their learning.


Drawing on this rich background, I now consult with, and coach families seeking guidance and support with their child’s educational journey. Be it through school, through homeschooling, or something else altogether, each child deserves and can co-create an educational journey that works for them.


Interested in exploring ways that I can support you and your child?

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