Welcome! My name is Stephanie Sewell.
I am an Independent Education Consultant helping families to identify and navigate the education path that works
for their unique situation.

I offer:




My work is informed by my conviction that 
Education and Wellbeing can
and should go together.

I help families whose child or teen is not thriving to find and navigate a new education path (or tweak an existing one!) ... in school, as a homeschooler, or something in between. 

My work is my heart-based, and research, training and experience-informed.

My practice is family-oriented - I build supportive, guiding relationships with both parents and their children or teens, allowing the family as a whole to get back on track.

"Meeting Stephanie was a game changer for our family.  I can not express enough how her empathic support brought reassurance and hope at a time where we were completely lost."

- parent of elementary student, now homeschooler


For parents and/or their children or teens who are wondering what their options are. How might homeschooling work differently? How might school become a less stressful experience? What are some ideas to create an education that fits your child or teen - rather than the other way round?

Consulting Clients either book in for a Personalized Education Plan (PEP) or for Open-Ended 1:1 sessions.

Contact Stephanie to learn more.


For parents and/or their children or teens who are looking for calming support, expert guidance and creative strategies as they navigate a new and improved educational path. 

NEW! Consulting and Coaching are both available online or in "The Nest", my cozy and calm office space in Chelsea, Quebec. For those who enjoy forest path or creek-side settings for their coaching, I also offer both of these starting from The Nest's beautiful location!

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Parents' Group

Membership in the Parents' Group provides support, guidance and resources in a small-community context. 

The group runs from September until June, and offers bi-weekly group sessions, weekly learning-oriented emails, and a private FB group.

NEW THIS FALL! - a second group is opening, especially for parents of teens!

Be the first to know when registration opens or book a quick call to learn more about the group.

Info from the Spring 2022 Parent Group

"Stephanie blends her experienced and practical guidance with emotional, calm grounding. Thanks to her coaching,

our family was able to

plot a self-directed plan

for our daughter

to enjoy learning again. "

 - parent of a teen

“It is so important to have other parents you can connect with and be facilitated with. Stephanie’s (group) coaching and resources have helped our family feel much more confident and supported.”

- Parent Group participant

"I LOVE our conversations. And I love that they are unstructured!"

- teen client

What is Wellbeing-Based Education?

What is it like when a child or teen's education setting is not aligned with their wellbeing?

Or even worse, when it is actively causing trauma, anxiety, school refusal, depression, family power struggles, exhaustion...

the list goes on.

It can be like a terrifying STORM.

As parents we want our child to be well-educated, to be set up for future success. But, as parents, we also want our child to be happy and thriving. And, when the two seem mutually exclusive, we can feel lost, powerless - like we're in the middle of a storm with no end in sight...


Welcome to the calm in the storm.

My focus is to help children, teens and their parents to navigate their way out of that storm and onto either a new education path or a tweaked version of the existing one.

No matter what, the success-oriented education path we create will include the WELLBEING not only of the child or teen but also of the family as a whole.

“I can’t believe how willingly

my teen opened up to you -

they already seem so much lighter and more positive."

“I feel so much calmer now.

I can see that we have options."

“Stephanie has made our leap into the deep and mysterious waters of homeschooling both easy and enjoyable."

 - Parent Group participant

I'd love to hear from you - let's get your family thriving.