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Welcome! My name is Stephanie Sewell.
I am an Alternative Education Consultant based in Chelsea, Quebec,
working with families and educators 
from around the world.


I help parents, teens and children to identify and navigate the education path that works best for them - in school, as a homeschooler, or something in between.

My work is heart-based, and informed by research, training and experience.

My practice is family-oriented.
I build supportive, guiding relationships with parents and their children or teens, allowing the family as a whole to get back on track.

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"Meeting Stephanie was a game changer for our family.  I cannot express enough how her empathic support brought reassurance and hope at a time where we were completely lost."

My work is grounded in three convictions:

1. Education and Wellbeing can and should go together.

2. There are multiple options when it comes to schooling, homeschooling and hybrid learning.
Understanding these options empowers teens, children and their parents to find the education path that aligns with wellbeing.

3. Community, role models and expert support are very important: the less-traveled road is not always smooth.


creative thinking in action - an avocado birthday cake!

"Stephanie blends her experienced and practical guidance with emotional, calm grounding.

Thanks to her coaching, our family was able to plot a self-directed plan for our daughter to enjoy learning again. "

I offer...

Personalized Alternative Education Consulting for parents and/or their children or teens

Listen to Stephanie describe her 1:1 work

Families consult with me when they are 

  • in crisis, with a teen or child refusing or unable to attend school

  • seeking help to decide whether to school or homeschool 

  • seeking ways to improve their child or teen's school experience 

  • learning how to homeschool or unschool

  • looking for someone with whom their teen or child can connect and possibly build a mentoring relationship

  • seeking help with home/unschooling in a restrictive environment (eg Quebec)

“I can’t believe how willingly my teen opened up to you -

they already seem so much lighter and more positive."

Ongoing Coaching and Mentoring

For those who are seeking a longer-term coaching or mentoring relationship that has wellbeing-based education at its heart. Coaching or mentoring typically follows an initial series of consulting sessions.

Ideal for:

  • a teen or child who is navigating a new educational path. I take the pressure off the parent/child or teen relationship, and empower the child/teen to "own their learning"

  • parents who are seeking 1:1 guidance to help them support their child's education path


The Nest

All sessions are available online or ...
NEW! I now also offer in-person sessions in
"The Nest", my cozy and calm office space in Chelsea, Quebec.

Nature Option: Some clients enjoy "walk and talk" sessions. These are available along the forest or creek-side paths adjacent to The Nest.

"I LOVE our conversations. And I love that they are unstructured!" - teen client

Online Parents' Group

The Parents' Group is subscription-based online community that provides support, guidance, resources and connection with like-minded families. 
New this fall - a second Parent Group is opening, especially for parents of teens!

Info from the Spring 2022 Parent Group

“Stephanie has made our leap into the deep and mysterious waters of homeschooling both easy and enjoyable."

 - Parent Group participant

“It is so important to have other parents you can connect with and be facilitated with. Stephanie’s (group) coaching and resources have helped our family feel much more confident and supported.”

- Parent Group participant

Looking for a Speaker?

I am available to speak at online and in person events and conferences, as well as podcasts and other interview situations. 

My speaking topics are suited to parents, educators and teens.

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