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Alternative Education Resource Organization 
Homeschooling 101 -
What does it mean to choose not to participate in school?
June 26, 10:30pm EST

From previous participants:

"I feel like I can breathe again."  

"Thank you, Stephanie, VERY Much for offering such an informative and insightful webinar - I really enjoyed it and learned a lot in the process."

"We are looking into different options for our daughter who is struggling in traditional school. We have homeschooled part-time on and off for years, but we are looking into what it would mean to completely change her schedule.

I participated in a web seminar about homeschooling by Stephanie Sewell last night. She has an incredible amount of experience in deschooling and self-directed learning in relation to homeschooling and child-centred advocacy. She also taught us about the administrative component of choosing to homeschool in Quebec. If you’re looking into options, I highly recommend that you contact her."   

"You are a great source of inspiration and information on homeschooling."

A few previous events...

March 20:

Unexpected Homeschooling collaboration with Kids in the Capital

Over this 90-minute workshop we will cover:

Mindset - How to survive and THRIVE during this home time - and beyond.

Empowering kids - How to coax out and support their intrinsic motivation.

Academics - How to worry less, and WHY!

Family rhythms and routines - What works for your family and your selves.

Working from home? - Concrete ideas to support your ability to do this.

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