Homeschooling and Unschooling Support

                           - no matter where you live

Group Options:

  T2-teens thriving

What is T2? A small-community and 1:1 mentoring experience for teens.

When is T2? Three group get-togethers per month; Six 1:1 mentoring sessions per year

Where is T2? Currently online.

Why T2? So many reasons! Here are a few: Connection, Expert Mentoring (by an adult who is not your parent!), Discussion, Collaboration, Exploration, Support, Looking Ahead, and more.

Who facilitates T2? I do - sort of. T2 belongs to all of its members, and, really, we all facilitate it.


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PG-Parents' group

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One T2 parent's reflection: "Working with Stephanie over the last year was a really important part of our homeschooling journey...(T2) proved to be an enriching experience that broadened our perspective and allowed our daughter to take increased ownership of her learning goals."

Individual, Couple or Family Options:


expert support for parents through

1:1 Sessions, and optional FB Group

You’ve decided to homeschool your child, and would like to know that an experienced expert is there to provide ongoing support and  guidance.

  • Begin with my 

Transitioning to Homeschooling Workshop

Then, as we work together over the school year, I will help you to:

  • determine an approach and family rhythm that works for your family

  • understand the importance of and how to"deschool"

  • connect with activities, classes and homeschool communities in your city

  • learn strategies for bringing great teachers and mentors into your child's life 

  • manage any required paperwork and reporting

  • problem-solve with you when you need it


Includes all of the above PLUS

  • membership in the Parents Thriving Community

  • full access to support as needed

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PErsonalized Education Plan (PEP)

a custom plan to guide your education journey

You've decided to homeschool and would like some help to shift into this new way of life. 

In the PEP, families receive:

  • Transitioning to Homeschooling Workshop (recorded or live)

  • Four in-depth consulting sessions (with a combination of parents and child / teen)  

  • Detailed written report with extensive recommendations and resources

  • reduced rates for further sessions


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Regular 1:1 coaching Sessions for your child or teen

Weekly or bi-weekly, I will work with your child to support them as they begin to own their learning, and to own their life. 

These sessions are completely tailored to your child or teen’s evolving needs.

Follow-up through the week via an on

line platform is also possible.

Possible focuses are:

  • academic support that empowers;

  • reconnecting with intrinsic motivation;

  • planning for the future 


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Quebec Families: Support fulfilling the Quebec homeschooling requirements is available as part of any of these options.

Support for School Students

Own your learning 

look at school in a new way

Your child is not thriving in their schooling situation, and you are ready for some independent professional support

to figure things out.

Through a series of 1:1 coaching  sessions, I work with you and/or your child to

  • see the moments in your child's life when they are owning their learning and find ways to create many more of those strong, self-confident times both within and outside of their school setting

  • explore ways to improve their school experience

  • look at diagnoses like ADHD and Anxiety in a new way

  • discuss alternate schooling options if needed

  • move into a position of confidence in and ownership for your child's education

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General Consultations 

New perspectives!

personalized consultation sessions

Previous clients have discussed topics like:

  • moving from teaching in a public system to a working with self-directed learners

  • starting a learning centre

  • supporting a graduated teen who is unsure of their next steps

  • processing an ADHD diagnosis for an older teen

  • looking ahead to educational options for a toddler

  • supporting a young teen who hates school but doesn't want to stop going

  • creating opportunities for self-discovery in an elementary classroom setting

  • understanding the full range of options for an elementary aged child with school refusal

  • and more!

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