Parents' group

Level 1 - $325 for a five month membership
-two monthly group online meet-ups (a mix of special topics and coaching)
-dedicated, private FB group to share experiences, resources and to ask questions. I will typically check it and respond at least once a day.
-every parent (or couple) has one 1:1 Getting to Know You coaching session with me prior to joining the group
-preferred rates for my workshops (approx. every 4-6 weeks)

Level 2 - $575 for a five month membership
As above plus...
-Voxer support - this is a messaging app that allows parents to go back and forth with me during working hours in a discussion as needed

Level 3 - $1000 for a five month membership
As above plus...
-monthly 1:1 session with me to complement group meetings

***Payment plans are available for Levels 2 and 3 upon request


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Stephanie Sewell 
Independent Education Consultant

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