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June 7
noon EDT

June 21
7:30-9:30pm EDT

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May 6 @7 pm EDT

Keeping the "Home" in Homeschooling

A workshop presented through the Association Quebec Education Domicile (Quebec Homeschooling Association) to help families identify ways to keep retain their unique approach to homeschooling, while remaining in compliant with the Quebec homeschooling guidelines.

Information here

Registration here

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February 15 @ 1pm EST

Supporting Beginning Readers and Writers

How to teach reading and writing with joy, success, and a willing child! This is workshop is offered to both teachers and parents who are looking for a holistic, joyful way to facilitate children's process of learning to read and write.

October 5th!!!

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Recording now available for purchase: 

E-transfer $35 to and send me an email with any quick questions that you would have asked in the Q&A! 

To register: E-transfer $35 to The workshop happens via Zoom and you will be sent a link to join.

Send me an email! I always invite participants to send me an email with bit about their situation and any questions they have in advance. This allows me to further tailor each workshop to that session's participants.

From previous participants:

"I feel like I can breathe again."  

"Thank you, Stephanie, VERY Much for offering such an informative and insightful webinar - I really enjoyed it and learned a lot in the process."

"We are looking into different options for our daughter who is struggling in traditional school. We have homeschooled part-time on and off for years, but we are looking into what it would mean to completely change her schedule.

I participated in a web seminar about homeschooling by Stephanie Sewell last night. She has an incredible amount of experience in deschooling and self-directed learning in relation to homeschooling and child-centred advocacy. She also taught us about the administrative component of choosing to homeschool in Quebec. If you’re looking into options, I highly recommend that you contact her."   

"You are a great source of inspiration and information on homeschooling."

Upcoming Workshops:

  • Help! My spouse wants to homeschool!

  • Self-directed Education - What it is and how to foster it in your child.

  • Supporting Early Readers and Writers: how to teach reading and writing in a joyful, playful, mutually-agreeable context 

A few previous events...

Alternative Education Resource Organization 
Homeschooling 101 -
What does it mean to choose not to participate in school?
June 26, 10:30am EST

March 20:

Unexpected Homeschooling collaboration with Kids in the Capital

Over this 90-minute workshop we will cover:

Mindset - How to survive and THRIVE during this home time - and beyond.

Empowering kids - How to coax out and support their intrinsic motivation.

Academics - How to worry less, and WHY!

Family rhythms and routines - What works for your family and your selves.

Working from home? - Concrete ideas to support your ability to do this.

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