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New this session:

TWO "create, chat and chill" (c3) GROUPS to better support the varied conversational and creative interests.

Our meet-ups always begin with the option for each person to share the creative project they are working on.

Then, we:

  • jump head-first into discussions about things like current events, advocacy issues, school transformation, climate action, history, justice, the why's of all kinds of things, and so much more.

  • enjoy both silly and serious "ice breaker" activities.

  • explore creativity pursuits like drawing, painting, digital art, music, game building, crocheting, stop-motion, knitting, scrapbooking, space creation and more!

The older group tends to go more deeply into discussions, and has less focus on digital creativity. This group also has taken steps towards connecting outside of c3, and we will be pursuing that to allow the creative and social connections to deepen.




Following each meet-up, I will provide a brief list of topics that came up that can be connected to curricular outcomes. Please note - this does not mean that there is a currciulum of any kind for c3! Quite the opposite - c3 is completely driven by the interests of the group.